Wednesday, June 6, 2012


There is an Irish saying that ends:  "And may
you be in heaven half an hour before 
the devil knows you're dead."

Our friend Kyle wasn't, he came home a
war hero, but a man who was hit by the
full force of a life changing injury.  Many
would let that become what they were,
our friend took that and has made it into
something he isn't!  He fights for others
to have chances to have goodness in their
lives.  To me that's a hero, and his
cause is the Cub Scouts.  Donate today-
your ten dollars gets you into the dance,
for the prize, and a tee shirt, but it's
worth it.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Dont' Miss Your Ten Prize Contest

Kyle came back from the war a hero, but he's
a humble hero; Kyle was injured, but he is
going to take care - not only of hisself, but
he's gonna see to it that his local scout troop
gets taken care of as's your
chance to pitch in and help.  It's a contest
and you can win- give your ten dollars to
help a worthy cause...AND...print out
your receipt number- then- just email that
number to - subject:
Ten Prize Receipt - and we'll do the rest,
we really hope you win, but even if you
only get a tee shirt...HEY...your contribution
will help the Boy Scouts in the Springhill
area do so much better...SO...thank you!  -Kyle

Monday, June 4, 2012

Life As...

Do you have a plan for your life-
which you may be thinking, "no,"
who has time to plan?  Or you
may find yourself thinking,
"used to, but it's changed so
many times,"  or you may find you
do have a plan but now you're wondering if
it's been followed, done as it was planned.  If
you have no plan, you are actually living out
a plan, just not one that you put in place, so in
some sense you've just taken your hands off
the wheel and you're saying to some mysterious
force, "I trust you to drive now, rather than me
to plan and steer the trip."  Does that seem to
make sense for you, to get in the car, start it
up and then not touch the steering wheel?

An acquaintance once told me that you have
to put the key in the lock and turn it before
you can open the door.
Not bad thinking,in fact it's going to
some day turn out to be
a writing; but in the meantime, think of how
funny it would look for someone to walk up
to a locked door, not put the key in and turn
it and expect the door to unlock?  That sort
of thinking doesn't make a whole lot of
sense at all, does it?

So as we wrap up this beginning session
with each other, let's think through two items,
one, you do need to plan and stick to your
plan, for your life.  Two you need to put
your hands on the steering wheel and guide
your life just like you guide a car.  Then
when you get ready to open new doors with
unfamiliar keys, you may not find the
experience so - ...well, we'll talk about that
one, next time...

Tuesday, March 27, 2012


MY friend told me that they just don't see any
sense in thinking about things that ain' gonna
be anyway.  "Why put yourself through it
man, you know that S*%# don't work."
It's not like folks don't say that to me
all the time, I hear it all the time; and
after while, you get to where you don't
really hear it, because you've heard it
so often you just shut the cynic out- and
you begin to pray that somehow - some way, they'll hear again?  That -that old heart of their's that's gotten like a rock, when it used to be like a marshmallow-will thaw a bit, and they'll see, BUT, the
way things go, what do you think they'll do?

SO what do you think is really going down?
Because I think I see it, very clearly, it's the
death of the inner dream, it's the way that
people are slowly taught that they can't- so
they don't try.  It's how the ones who used
to have hope, lose hope, and then turn the
ones who still have hope, onto, their
hopelessness?  It's the death of the inner dream.

I grew up so poor that most folks wrote me off-
in fact, most of the people who know where I've
gotten to, can't believe it, still today- they all say
the same thing, "we figured you'd get
killed man." They were right- I was
not a good person at all,
but inside me, something was burning,
a desire to get into better, somehow,
to grow to achieve, to not be alone,
to learn to earn, and then to
give back as my friend Anthony Robbins says.
There were folks who tried to steal my dream
as Zig Ziglar calls them; but I wouldn't let them,
I clung to it, "life," I said, "has to be about more."
And guess what?  It is...

So when you read this - please focus on these three
items- for a while- just think about them- you can't
spend a dime here- there's no way to do it, that I 
know of, so this is completely and totally free-
FREE- I just want you to consider these three
items and then - after you've thought about it-
AFTER - you've thought about it- call me.
SIMPLE- don't care what you decide, either,
by the way- BECAUSE these three are FREE-
1)  If you stay just like you are, will that be cool?
2)  If you don't stay just like you are, what might
     be different?
3)  Do you know what love is?

Think on them for a while...maybe a few days,
then call me, let's talk, that's free too ...BTW...
Love to you always

Monday, March 26, 2012

Get On With It ...

My family is like many families in America
today, in fact, we may be just like millions
of other "middle income," families.  We
are seeing what we used to have in savings,
going down, while we are seeing our no
longer "full time," work hours, going up,
without, so called, benefits?  Our dollar
is getting thinner as it's stretched out, and
our brain is getting less patient as it's
stressed out.  Our ability to reason and
remain calm is getting called upon every
second now, instead of every minute,
and it used to be every hour, or every
day, or every week, or every month, in fact
there was a time patience was measured in
years- now it's measured by the length of
time it takes a certain hamburger maker to
get your order out to you - OR ELSE!

Is it possible to slow down, just a little?
Is it worth it to slow down?  Here is something
that I share with someone whom I've known
for years, a person who used to care more
about living life, and enjoying it, than work-
but who now spends more time at work-
than anywhere else?  Why- because this
person knows, nobody on their death bed
says "man if I'd just worked one more hour!"

What can you do to slow down?  Here are three
suggestions:  1) Call a friend and ask them to
have lunch with you.  2)  Call a friend that
you haven't called in a while and spend ten
minutes with the cubicle door shut and
actually listen to what they say.  3)  Go
to the one you love and tell them you
love them, and listen, to what they say.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Issue Based? How real - or unreal is that?

We live in a world where the reality
that we go through is defined for
us, and the tough part is, the defining
is done through powerful forces
of thought.  Thought, the process
of looking inward at what you
are coming to know, that can be
influenced, and is influenced by
the culture that you exist in.
We might like it, or not like it,
but the choice is often fronted
for us in forces we don't really get-
like comic book heroes that seem
to always come out on top- we
are led down a false trail that
says that things have to have a
happy ending, when in reality the
ending is often anything but.

You are probably familiar with
the idea that you control your
own reality.  That's a type of
thinking that is particularly strong
in our westernized view of how
things must be.  There are other
ways of thinking, though, even
though, those aren't presented
as often, or, in as nice a light,
let's say, as, you controlling your
own destiny is.  What that means
in your life is that media is very
powerful, but so is your mind.
When you put those two into
the same mix, I'm not real certain
that anyone really gets what comes
next, but my suspicion is pretty
strong that we're not ready for it.

While I don't agree at all with what
takes place in the plot, the movie
Lebanon PA is sneaky- it sneaks
up on you through some interesting
acting- it has a sense of being fairly
genuine, which is remarkable given
the extreme nature of cinema.  Yet
I've got to compare it to some other
shows I'm familiar with, but that's
my nature, it might not be yours,
but my suspicion is that you're
deeper than you let on, and quite
possibly - if you haven't seen
Lebanon PA - this review might
head you that way?  Can't say what
your conclusion will be, mine was
that I didn't like the plots axiom.

Different View

Two people are talking, 
the first one says, "did you hear that?"
The second one says, "what?"
"That boom - it was loud, didn't you hear it?"
"Of course I did..."
"Then why'd you say what?"
"What is it, that's what I was asking..."
"How should I know - but we both heard it..."
"If we didn't we're both hearing things..."
From one meaning to the next in one sentence,
one says, didn't get it, the other says, got it
but what was it.  How fast can confusion
get into the mix?  Pretty fast...

In an age when we talk across the globe
this means that it is possible to have
enormous misunderstandings happen
so quickly, and so intensely, that by
the time they've calmed down to
getting the point, lines have been
crossed that shouldn't have been.

So are there any references that you
know about, which address such?
I've been personally blessed by Mari
Smith's work, "The New Relationship
Marketing," which it seems to me gives
us a really decent reference about how
to handle online communications.  If
you haven't seen it you might want
to pick up a copy.  In fact Mari has
scheduled a special presentation webinar
with Guy Kawasaki- below-
which if you can make it will bless
your life- guaranty it.